Your horse takes care of you, now treat him with care.

Columbia Veterinary Powder is an effective healing agent used by Trainers, Breeders and Vets to successfully treat Laminitis, Rain Rot & Thrush

Your pets are there for you during the ROUGH times... Now you can be there for them.

Columbia Veterinary Powder is used by Trainers, Breeders and Vets to successfully treat hot spots, fungal infections and rashes in pets. Anti-itch, antibacterial and anti fungal properties work on clearing up skin infections and relieve the pain and itch associated rashes.

Columbia Skin Cares

Columbia develops products that provide very real benefits for the user, whether they are two legged or four legged, with allergen free products that help keep their skin healthy.

made in the US

Save Our (Pets') Skin!
Warmer Winters Causes an Increase in Tick Population – New Canine Formula Veterinary Antiseptic Powder to Keep Dogs Safe

Dangerous ticks, mosquitos and parasites are back with a vengeance but pet owners can protectread more…

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