Treating Cattle and Other Farm Animals


Prevents Chafing and Speeds Healing

First Aid Essential for Farms and Barns

Animal health professionals have been using Columbia Veterinary Antiseptic Powder to heal cuts and abrasions before infection sets in and as preventative medication for chafing.
Many farm animals are prone to chafing due to their size. They are also liable to suffer frequent minor cuts and abrasions due to fencing. Infection can exacerbate these problems. Columbia Veterinary Antiseptic Powder may be used to keep wounds dry and clean and promote healing.

Pet and Animal Care Tip

Cattle and other farm animals can get cut by fencing. Cattle can also get neck burn from using fences to scratch their necks. Decrease the instances of neck burn by preventing excessive scratching when you treat their itchy hides with Columbia Antiseptic Powder.

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