Treating Chafing From Braces, Casts, and Bandages


Relieve the Itch Caused by a Tight Fit

Some individuals find support braces, body socks, compression sleeves, prosthetic aids and orthopedic devices cause an itch that intensifies when they are removed.

The temptation to scratch can be powerful. However skin in those areas may be fragile and sensitive. So scratching may cause pain rather than relief.

To relieve the itch put a little Columbia Antiseptic Powder on the affected area when you remove your brace, cast, bandage, or other device.

Helpful Information

Children wearing braces to correct scoliosis (often called curvature of the spine), should learn to check the skin around the perimeter of the brace for redness, soreness, and swelling. The skin in this area needs to be tough enough to withstand the pressure of the brace, so avoid the use of lotions and creams until the treatment is over.

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