Treating Heat Rash


Soothe the Sting of Prickly Heat

While it is not restricted to one particular area, heat rash also called prickly heat or miliaria, usually occurs around the neck. It may also affect the shoulders, back, and forehead. Often thought of as a condition of infancy, it can affect young and old alike.

While the presence of an unsightly rash on baby’s neck may be stressful for the new mother, odds are, baby might not even notice it.

Apparently most infants with heat rash do not feel any particular discomfort. Adults on the other hand, often find that heat rash stings.

Columbia Antiseptic Powder relieves both itch and sting and promotes healing and healthy skin.

Helpful Information

The key to helping babies get through this period is to keep them cool during the hot weather months. Keep the neck, shoulders, and back areas clean and dry.

If baby becomes fussy sprinkle a small amount of Columbia Antiseptic Powder into your hand. Apply carefully to the back of baby’s neck and shoulders.

Columbia Antiseptic Powder has been the choice of pediatricians, nurses, and parents to treat prickly heat and chafing for over 125 years.

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