Treating Insect Bites


Soothe Itch and Prevent Infection

Columbia Antiseptic Powder soothes the itch and cools the sting of insect bites. This helps to prevent secondary infections and scarring so often caused by excessive scratching. Itch or pain is usually the first sign that you’ve been bitten. Wash the affected area, dry it thoroughly and apply a bit of Columbia Antiseptic Powder. Itch and even pain is normal reaction to an insect bite. However, if the pain does not subside or the area becomes tender, swollen, and hot, or there is difficulty swallowing or breathing consult your physician.

Columbia Antiseptic Powder also contains ingredients that discourages insects such as ticks, fleas & chiggers and so acts as a preventative when applied before venturing outside.

Don’t forget to pack some when you take your summer vacation, especially if you go camping or hiking.

Helpful Information

Although most of the time they are just a nuisance, insect bites are potentially dangerous.You should take appropriate precautions before venturing outdoors. If you are bitten by an insect that is venomous, known to transmit disease, or if you’re experiencing a reaction after being bitten by an unknown insect get help fast.

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