An effective natural alternative (homeopathic) treatment for toenail fungus that avoids the use of risky drugs….

An effective natural alternative (homeopathic) treatment for toenail fungus that avoids the use of risky drugs….

It is very difficult to completely cure toenail fungus, and reinfection is a fairly common occurrence. One of the most popular treatments for toenail fungus is the drug Lamisil. This medication is taken orally for three months and it has proven effective in roughly two thirds of patients who have used it. Unfortunately, using this drug has been associated with liver damage. You see fungal infections are very difficult to treat and most antifungal drugs are very toxic. Since the liver is the organ that removes toxins from the bloodstream: the liver recognizes many drugs, including Lamisil as toxins, so this is where the drug does its worst damage. No one wants liver damage in exchange for treatment to clear up a fungal nail infection, therefore there are alternative treatments to consider.

One is using anti-fungal nail polish. Prescription lacquers including ciclopirox are generally regarded as safe, though they are not as effective as oral drugs. In fact, these topical drugs often need to be applied regularly for up to one year before any significant results are achieved. There are also risks for people with sensitive skin to develop reactions including rashes and reddening of the skin.

A more modern method of treating toenail fungus is Laser therapy. Laser therapy studies have found that about a third of all patients treated will be successfully cured of the fungus. The downside to this treatment is the cost of nearly $1000.00 per treatment, and there have been some documented cases of burns on the nails and skin.

For a more natural alternative, you might try using a phenolic antiseptic powder to treat fungus. The antiseptic properties of phenol were used by Sir Joseph Lister (1827–1912) in his pioneering technique of antiseptic surgery. Lister determined that phenol would kill harmful bacteria and fungus that caused infection. Lister’s methods of treating infections, both bacterial and fungal has stood the test of time.

There is a product that has been used by physicians and other health care professionals to treat toenail fungus for over 135 years. It is called Columbia Antiseptic Powder and it is made in the USA by one of the country’s oldest skin care products companies.

Columbia Antiseptic Powder may be applied to the infected area after a footbath for best results. You may also mix a few drops of water with a teaspoon of the powder to form a paste which can be applied to the toenail as often as needed. Using this powder as a treatment for toenail fungus has been as effective as most of the more commonly used treatments, without any of the side effects associated with the others.

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