Columbia Antiseptic Powder


First Aid for Your Skin

As soon as you apply Columbia Antiseptic Powder to your skin, you can feel it begin to work. It immediately begins to destroy harmful bacteria that can cause infection and pain. A special soothing ingredient helps to stop the painful itch that often accompanies the irritation, while reducing inflammation.

Columbia Antiseptic Powder is a fragrance free, fast-acting medicine, developed to help heal and prevent irritations of the skin. It is effective in reducing pain and itch and has been used by doctors, health care professionals, and moms and dads for over a century.

Columbia Antiseptic Powder’s proprietary formula penetrates into the skin layers much deeper than other powders.

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Young or old, active or not, just about everyone, at one time or another, has skin that reacts to something —the environment, exposure to certain chemicals, contact with plants, excessive physical exercise, or just plain allergies. Columbia Antiseptic Powder offers safe, effective and fast acting care for all these situations, and much more.

Our powder is tough against athlete’s foot and poison ivy, yet gentle and soothing on sensitive skin. It’s as great for athletes and those with active lifestyles as it is for infants and the convalescing. This is the powder for people who are passionate about life.

Columbia Antiseptic Powder treats conditions including diaper rash and heat rash, insect bites, athlete’s foot, poison ivy, perspiration odor, bed sores, sensitive rash, chafing, minor cuts, razor burn, rashes, and skin irritation.

Columbia Antiseptic Powder is available in stores and on the internet. To find locations both where you can get Columbia Antiseptic Powder visit our purchase information page.

Check the FAQ page for answers to the most common questions. We’ve posted some of our customer’s comments on our testimonial page. We also have a photo gallery and some general information on the history of antiseptics.

Diaper rash can be itchy and painful and make your baby irritable and cranky. Columbia Antiseptic Powder can help alleviate the symptoms of diaper rash. Used regularly it can prevent reoccurrence.

The choice of pediatricians, nurses, and parents to treat diaper rash, for over 125 years.

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